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Posted on 10/11/2020
Do You Have to Join the HOA?
Photo by RawPixel.com via Shutterstock When it comes to homeowner’s associations, you need to know what type yours is before you determine whether to “join” it. There are two types of associations, covenant-based and voluntary. When homeowners ask about requirements to join a homeowner’s association, they may believe it is optional, but if our association is covenant-based, you...
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Posted on 08/25/2019
Some Things You Must Know Before Buying That House
It is necessary to ask some crucial questions from the seller of your new home. No house is 100% perfect for you at the point of sale. You must, therefore, seek to learn whatever issues the house may have so that you can appropriately weigh your options before deciding to buy and be adequately prepared to handle them...
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Posted on 08/04/2019
Top Neighborhoods to Watch in 2019
There are many neighborhoods to watch if you are considering buying a home this year, or moving from your current location. Identifying the most promising areas in the US to keep an eye out for comes by looking at their increase in home values, the number of days on the average that homes for sale are on the...
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Posted on 05/19/2019
Benefits of Purchasing a Prefabricated Home
The multitude of construction options on the market does not make it easy for you to make the right choice for your family. The various models of prefabricated houses seem to become more and more popular in the real estate market. When you search for your next home, you may have heard about prefabricated homes, but what exactly...
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